Turkish Marble Trade Company

Turkish Marble Group AG is a community established by experts having nearly 25 years of experience in marble, travertine and onyx products as well as experts with an extensive knowledge on marble, travertine and onyx quarry in Turkey.

Objective of our company is to reach buyers of block, plate or sized products around the world, fully understand their needs, obtain the marbles that fits best to their need and deliver to them in required amounts and in timely manner.

In addition to their experience, our team’s researcher attributes enable a continuous information collection regarding marble, travertine and onyx quarry and plants around Turkey. Thus, our team introduces buyers around the world with products that may be of interest and offering them a potential of application in extraordinary projects.


A team of experts is continuously travelling around Turkey, visiting as many marble quarrys as possible, enriching their knowledge on availability of various marble types and procurement points.

Another expert team is spending majority of their time abroad to make customer visits, and offer solutions of their needs. They are also presenting many products developed in various locations of Turkey to our customers.

Turkish Marble Trade Company


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